DacEasy Version 11.01.02 Readme

This Readme file includes a list of changes and fixes in the DacEasy Version 11 Service Release 2. This list includes all updates since the initial release of DacEasy Version 11.


The DacEasy Version 11 Service Release 2 includes the following changes:

The DacEasy Version 11 Service Release 2 includes the following fixes:

Service Release 2 Changes

This Service Release contains the following changes.

1099 Changes in Accounting

The 2001 1099-MISC forms now print two forms per page. Prior year 1099-MISC forms printed three pages per form; however, the addition of boxes and increased size of existing boxes now allows for only two forms to be printed per page.

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Web Services Server Address Updated in Order Entry

The Order Entry program files have been updated with the new DacEasy server address that went into effect October 1, 2001. You can select WebStore Publisher from the WebStore menu in the Business Center to access the correct login site. You can also select my web services from the www.daceasy.com Web site to access the correct login site.

Note: Any bookmarks to the DacEasy Web Services pages must be updated to reflect the new address.

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Selecting the Default Company Profile

The 'Open next time I run DacEasy Business Center' check box was removed from the Open Company Profile dialog box and a Default button was added. To make a profile the default, select the profile, and then click the Default button. Each time you start the Business Center the default company profile is opened.

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Modifying the Business Center Appearance

You can now select a scheme to modify the appearance of the Business Center. Each scheme consists of the layouts for the module toolbar, module menu bar, Activities pages and Workflow Guides. The DacEasy Classic scheme consists of all DacEasy modules. Select this scheme if you use more than one DacEasy module. If you use a single DacEasy module, you can select a scheme that contains only options for the module you use. For more information, refer to the Help topic titled "Modifying the Business Center Appearance."

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Backing Up and Restoring in the Business Center

Several changes have been made to the Backup/Restore feature in the Business Center. A Backup tab was added to the Options dialog box. From this tab you can select a default backup location and view the Backup/Restore history. Refer to the Help topics titled "Selecting the Default Backup Location" and "Viewing the Backup/Restore History" for more information.

In addition, you can click the Browse button when selecting the source in the Restore Wizard, and then browse a list of previous backups.

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Subtotals Added to the Transaction History Report

The Transaction History Report in DacEasy Payroll now prints subtotals based on the primary sort.

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New DacAccess Reports in DacEasy Payroll

Additional DacAccess reports were added to DacEasy Payroll's sample data. These reports allow you to view information that appeared on the Detail Report in prior versions of DacEasy Payroll.

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System Requirements

16-bit High color is recommended for viewing the HTML pages in the Business Center Workspace.

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Creating a Shortcut on the Desktop to DacEasy Modules

In many operating systems you can quickly add a shortcut by holding down the Ctrl key and dragging the shortcut from the Start menu’ s subfolder to the desktop. If this does not work, proceed with the following steps.

To add a shortcut on the desktop

  1. Minimize all open windows so that the desktop is visible.
  2. Click Start on the taskbar, point to Programs, then Accessories, and then click Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer appears.
  3. Click the program file in the module folder.
    Note: The module folders are subfolders of the program folder. The program folder is DacEasy if you accepted the default Destination path during Setup.
      DacEasy Accounting-Ac11.exe in the ac folder
      DacEasy Payroll-Py11.exe in the py folder
      DacEasy Order Entry-Oe11.exe in the oe folder
      DacEasy Point of Sale-Ps11.exe in the ps folder
      DacEasy Job Costing-Jc11.exe in the jc folder
  4. On the File menu, click Create Shortcut.
  5. Drag the shortcut icon from Windows Explorer onto the desktop.
    Tip: If you want to change the shortcut’s name, right click the icon, and then select Rename. Type the new name and press Enter.

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Memory Management

This version includes several changes in the way that memory is managed.

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Copy Button Added to the Calculator in Job Costing

A Copy button has been added to the Job Costing Calculator. To use this button while viewing the calculator, perform your calculations as usual. Click Copy to copy the result of the calculation to the clipboard and close the calculator. To paste the result into a field, press Ctrl+V or right-click to view the shortcut menu, and then select Paste.
Note: You can also press Ctrl+C to perform the copy function.

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Service Release 2 Bug Fixes

This Service Release fixes the following problems that occurred in Version 11.

Incorrect Error Appears When Deleting Warehouses

If you attempted to delete a warehouse that was not assigned to a master item, you would sometimes receive an error "The warehouse code exists in the Master Item file. You cannot delete this code." This error only occurred when warehouses with a code greater than the code being deleted existed and at least one of these codes was associated with a master item. The program now only displays this error if the warehouse being deleted is included on a master item record.

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Windows Not Appearing After Closing Minimized Windows

If you closed a minimized window in the Business Center, the window did not appear the next time it was accessed. This problem no longer occurs.

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Services With Messages Not Appearing in Order Entry

When a Service code with a description or hidden sales assistant lines was added to an order, the lines did not appear. When you entered through to the next item number field, neither the Description line nor the Hidden line appeared on the screen. This is resolved and the Description lines and Hidden lines for Service codes now appear appropriately.

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LookUp Searches Requiring Leading Zeros

LookUp searches were based on the exact value typed. This was inconvenient when searching for transactions where the transaction number included leading zeros. Leading zeros are now ignored when searching for transactions.

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Reports Not Exporting to ASCII or Excel 5

Exporting certain reports to either ASCII or Excel 5 exported a blank file. You can now export these reports.

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DacAccess Publisher Report Totals Misaligned

The fields in the Group Footer and Report Footer sections printed aligned with the fields in the Detail. These sections now print according the Report Layout.

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Financial Reports Not Copying to Other Companies

If you attempted to copy a custom financial report in DacEasy Accounting to a different company, the program tried to copy the report into the same company. If you gave the report the same name, an error appeared. Otherwise, the new report was copied into the wrong company. You can now copy custom financial reports to other companies.

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Error Saving Customer and Vendor Records in Easy Setup

If you attempted to save a customer using Easy Setup in DacEasy Accounting and the AR account selected was the same account as the Accounts Receivable account on the Account Interface dialog box you received "Error #441 You may not use the AR, AP or Inventory Interface Accounts in Transaction entry." The same error appeared if you attempted to use the Accounts Payable account on the Account Interface dialog box when saving a vendor record in Easy Setup. The program now saves these records without displaying the error.

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Program Locks Up Backing Up Order Entry or Point of Sale Data

If you attempted to use the Business Center to back up Order Entry or Point of Sale data, the program locked up if the target was not a hard disk drive. The program now backs up the data to all drives.

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Bar Codes Not Printing Correctly in Order Entry and Point of Sale

Bar codes printed incorrectly or not at all unless you sorted by Item Number. Bar codes now print correctly when selecting any sort option.

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Order Entry Invoices Appearing Incorrectly in Accounting

If an order entered in Order Entry was paid in full and then shipped, the invoice displayed a negative amount in the Net to Pay field on the Invoice Entry screen when viewed in Accounting. Invoices now appear correctly in Accounting.

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Using the Sort By and Rank By Options When Printing Invoices

The invalid errors that occurred when using the Sort By and Rank By options when printing invoices in Accounting and Order Entry are resolved. These errors occurred in the initial release of Version 11 Accounting and Order Entry, when the Sort By and Rank By options were both Invoice Number, even when the correct From value and To values were used.

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Unable to Drill Down to Original Transaction on the Accounting Aging Instant Reports

The issue of being unable to drill down to the original transaction on the Aging Instant Reports because the Assign Own Number feature is being used is now resolved. In the initial release of Version 11 Accounting, "Error #258 Invoice/PO does not exist or has been deleted" appeared when attempting to drill down to the original transaction on the Payables Aging Instant Report or the Receivables Aging Instant Report if you selected the Assign Own Number check box the Edit Forms Setup dialog box.

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Duplicate Detail Lines on Invoices

The issue of invoices printing with duplicate detail lines when interfacing Order Entry with Accounting is resolved. This occurred when interfacing Order Entry with Accounting and Small Fonts was selected as the Default Print Mode option and 1 was entered as the Number of Detail Lines Per Item value, but the setting was ignored.

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Deposit Slip Printing

The issue of printing the transactions in random order on the Deposit ticket is resolved. The transactions are now printed in transaction order on the Deposit Ticket form.

Please make a note that when printing Deposit Slips in Accounting and Point of Sale, both posted and unposted cash receipts for the selected date appear on the Deposit Slip and not just the unposted cash receipts as initially stated in the Online Help.

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Changing the Program Date While Posting or Printing Journals in Job Costing

In the initial release of Job Costing Version 11, changes to the program date while viewing the Posting or Journal dialog boxes were not recognized. As a result, you were required to change the program date before performing these routines from these dialog boxes. This has been resolved in the service release and you can now change the program date from the Posting or Journal dialog boxes.

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Time Sheet Hour Issues Resolved

Online Help has been added to the Time Sheet Hours dialog box in Job Costing. To view detailed information about a field on the Time Sheet Hours dialog box, click Help or press F1.

This service release also resolves the issue with using the Tab key while recording Time Sheet Hours. Each transaction is now saved before continuing to the next employee when using the Tab key to navigate through the Time Sheet Hours dialog box.

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Negative Amounts in Cash Payments in Job Costing

When entering a cash payment to a vendor, the issue of Job Costing only saving detail lines with a positive amount is resolved. All detail lines recorded on the cash payment are saved including those with negative amounts applied.

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Printing Checks By Account Number in Job Costing

The problem of printing checks for only the selected checking account is resolved. When printing checks in Job Costing, only the checks for the selected checking account print. If you need to print checks for multiple checking accounts, you must run the Print Checks routine for each checking account separately.

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