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DacEasy (HK) Ltd.
Phone: 852-2391-8816

Founded 1990
Company Structure DacEasy (HK) Ltd. is a Hong Kong company, affiliated with POP Electronic Products Ltd., dedicated to sell Products with brand name DacEasy.
Markets DacEasy (HK) Ltd. is an authorized distributor and publisher of DacEasy Inc., in the East Asia area including Main Land China, Japan, Korean, Taiwan, HongKong and Macau.
DacEasy (HK) Ltd. has been granted with the right to develop localized version of DacEasy products for above markets.

DacEasy offers an easy-to-use, full-featured accounting system and allows expandability through add-on modules that enable companies to grow their systems as their business needs grow. 

The DacEasy product line includes Accounting, Payroll, Order Entry, Point of Sale and Job Costing.

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