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Thank you for your recent purchase of DacEasy software. It is our goal to provide you with the best software solutions for your business applications. Please fill out this form to register your DacEasy for Windows product and to receive your software activation key. Be sure to have your product serial number available which can be found on your installation disks or on the serial number card in your DacEasy package.

To ensure that your product registration is entered into the correct customer record in our database, we request that you enter your related information in the registration form. After a few hours, you will receive your serial number and activation key.

* - Required Field.

請填寫以下資料登記你購用的產品, 辦工時間內登記後將會取得確認, 獲分發註冊碼及系統啟動碼, 連同上課證, 以傳真或電郵送至您登記的地址, 如有查詢, 請電 23918816, 辦公時間是星期一至星期五, 星期六以長短週服務, 謝謝您

Step 1Step 1 - Tell us who is registering this product. 第一步填寫資料

First Name*
Last Name*
Company Name*
Address 1*
Address 2
Address 3


Step 2Step 2 - Enter the information for the product you are registering. *
                    第 2 步填寫包裝資料, 資料在外盒及登記證上, 網上登記時請小心填寫

Product's Package ID Number (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) is case sensitive. Please enter exactly as it is shown on the card.
Reseller/Shop Name 填寫購買時零售商之名稱
Purchase Date
更新版用戶請填以下內容, 新購用者不必填寫

* This is for registered user on previous versions of Accounting System
   (i.e. DacEasy Accounting Version 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 )

Registered Serial No. (For Upgrade Version) 升級用戶請填寫原有版本之序號
查詢序號, 可以在原產品 Help 欄的 Product Registration, 按下即可看到內容



Step 2Step 3 - Confirmation Method. * 請選擇回覆您的方式

Confirmation Method By

謝謝你的登記, 祝使用愉快, 如果登記遇有困難, 請電 23918816 (辦工時間)
技術支援問題, 請以傳真, 或者 電郵將問題送交技術支援部

傳真機 FAX: 23909385

電郵地址: support@daceasy.com.hk

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