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v13 Accounting
v12 Accounting
v11 Accounting
v10 Accounting
v09 Accounting


Features added to v13 Accounting:
New Features Tour
Extended Fields Sizes
Date Selector Button
Improved Backup and Restore Engine
Rollback During Restore Routine
Update General Ledger Online
Update Check Register Online
Purge Check Register Through Date
Print Cash Receipt Voucher
Minimum Finance Charge
Auto Purchase Order
Receivables Ledger and Payables Ledger Duplicate Invoice Warning
Scheduled Tasks
Border on Active Fields in Grids


Features added to v12 Accounting:
E-Mail Correspondence
Crystal Reports Integration
New Features Tour
AutoPay Vendor Invoices
Payables Reminder
Purchasing Suspense Account
Inventory Value Adjustments
Automatic Weight Calculation
Freight Cost Allocation
Improved Credit Check
Substitute Products
Added Totals to Deposit Slip Report
Add Default Memo to Vendors
Salesperson E-mail Field
Add Grid Lines to Address Blocks
Print Customer Transaction History Lookup
Print Vendor Transaction History Lookup

Features added to v11 Accounting:
Instant Reports with Drill Downs allows quick access to your data
Multiple Windows
Current period is displayed on all screens for your convenience.
The customer's (or vendors) balance information viewed from anywhere on the customer screen.
Enhanced Lookups
Work Flow Guides
Free Website and On-line order downloads with WebStore
Select number of copies when printing any report
Sort the Open Company screen in alphabetic order
Publish your reports to HTML while keeping your layout options (requires IE5 or greater)
Stamp the date and time when entering notes
Field length for company directory path increased
Print Deposit Slips
Custom fields added
Create an invoice for a customer without leaving the customer screen.
View customer backorder information from the customer screen
View product backorder status from the product screen
New sort and rank options added for printing Invoices.
View posted cash transactions
Shipping tables added
Exclude non-inventory items from the Product Activity and the Product Activity Detail reports
Period end and Year end processes added to the Business Center's Work Flow Guides.
AR and AP accounts now included in the global changes feature
Track payment type for cash receipts

Features added to v10 Accounting:
Microsoft Office Integration - publish documents to Excel or use mail merge in Word
Variable pitch fonts, color and style to reports
Multi-Warehousing or Multi-inventory categorization
Sub A/R and A/P accounts
Resizable windows
Editable toolbar

Features added to v9 Accounting:
New sales assistant
Purge old, unused records effortlessly
Hidden test line for invoice entry
On-line posting
Update vendor 1099 tracking w/ GL cash payments
Improved Order Entry integration
Print reports & lists to a file in HTML format
Advanced file utilities











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